Utah Bankruptcy Questions

Absolutely! One of the most common reasons to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to get rid of credit card debt. However, to often credit card companies will tell people that their credit card debt cannot be bankrupted. This is not true; do not believe anything a credit card company may tell you.
Of course! Just like a credit card, when you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you can bankrupt all medical debt that you may have.
No, if this were the case why would you bother to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? As silly as this question seems, it is not uncommon for a client who has filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to continue to make payments on credit cards and medical bills after the bankruptcy has ended. Don’t do this, even if a credit card company or medical provider tells you that you have to pay them, don’t listen! Consult your attorney!
If you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, there is a possibility that you may lose some property. However, in most cases our clients do not lose any property in a Chapter 7. Long before you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy we thoroughly screen your case to make sure you will not lose any property and we advise you accordingly.
Yes, if you file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you start making your regular payment and continue to do so and you successfully complete the bankruptcy repayment plan. Once your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is completed all of your mortgage disparages will be satisfied and you will not lose your home at that point.
No, there are a few specific types of debts that you cannot bankrupt, child support and alimony is one of those debts. Even after filing a Bankruptcy you will have to continue making full payment for child support and alimony.
The most common debts in a Bankruptcy that cannot be bankrupted are child support and alimony, student loans, taxes owed to the state or federal government, fees and fines owed to a court of law, and personal injury judgments when you caused the injury.
No! This is probably the most common question asked when speaking with people about whether or not they should file a Bankruptcy. My response is always the same, if it were wrong to file a Bankruptcy then our Federal Government wouldn’t allow it. My personal opinion is that bankruptcy is a vital part of capitalism and a free society. If we were not allowed to take risk, fail, start over and then take another risk America wouldn’t be America.

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