Utah Personal Injury Questions

The first step, after you have been injured in an accident, is to speak with anattorney. Personal Injury cases vary drastically depending on what type of accident you were involved in, who caused the injury, how severe your injuries are, etc. In order to navigate through the complicated legal world of Personal Injury, you will have to hire an attorney immediately.
There are certain statutes of limitations and other laws that may apply to yourspecific injury that will preclude you from being able to seek damages after a certain amount of time. Also, there are vital pieces of evidence in every Personal Injury case, if you wait to long this evidence may be lost, destroyed or misplaced.
In a potential medical malpractice case, Larsen Law Firm evaluates the case, injury reports, medical records and other key information in great detail in order to competently advise you as to whether you have a valid claim, and if so, how much your claim may be worth.
If you have been injured, do not discuss your injury or the way it happened until you have consulted a lawyer. These statements might be incomplete or taken out of context and be harmful to your claim at a later date. Do not sign any papers or agree to any settlement, as this may affect your right to pursue your claim.
No. We offer FREE consultations to all of our clients.
Larsen Law Firm does not charge you any money to represent you with your case. Our attorneys get paid only if they win your case or reach a favorable settlement. Once you have been paid for your injuries our attorneys will take a small percentage of that money.
Just like in any type of legal case, it is very hard to predict how long it will take to finalize your case. Some Personal Injury cases settle very quickly, other cases take a lot of time to adequately prepare for and present at trial.

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