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Divorce is Complicated, Don't Go Through it Alone

Divorce is an unfortunate part of life that sadly some people must deal with. It’s messy, complicated, stressful and heart breaking; it’s never easy. During a divorce you can potentially lose a substantial amount of personal property, future income and even custody of your children. The loss of things you have become accustomed to having can quickly grow exponentially if you are not careful. Do not attempt to go through a Divorce without an attorney; doing so can cost you in ways you can’t begin to imagine. One of the ways it can cost you is that divorce is a complicated process that involves several legal documents that you will be bound to abide by. If those documents are not done co

Tips For a Successful Open Adoption

  An open adoption can sometimes be a tough and uncomfortable situation. These tips from our Provo Adoption Lawyers have proven to help create the right environment for a successful open adoption for both sets of parents and the child.   1.    Remember that co-parenting and open adoption are NOT the same thing. Make sure adoptive and birth parents are aware of this and agree to it that the adoptive parents are responsible for making decisions that involve the child. This should alleviate a lot of stress in this situation. 2.    Before the baby is born, set up a plan for how and when communication will take place. Who will initiate contact? How often? What is the preferred method of

Tips for Creating an Adoption Profile

  Be Genuine. It is so important for you to share who you are and what you stand for. Paint a picture of what life would be like for your child. Sharing these things is what it means to be sincere and genuine; and that is what these birth parents are looking for. Your adoption profile is meant to connect you with a few families who think you are amazing, not a ton of families that just think you are alright. If you are honest and paint the honest picture of what life would be like for your child (beliefs, other siblings, big or small town, etc.), you will be connected to the right families.   Pictures and Captions Are a Must! The pictures on the front page of your profile are usually a de

Changing a Divorce Decree

Often times, clients want to change the terms of a stipulated agreement and/or divorce decree.  A lot of clients ask if they can make changes to these legal documents shortly after they are signed and entered by the judge finalizing the case.   Although it is possible to change the terms to a divorce decree there are certain legal elements that first need to be met or proven.  These elements are easier or more likely to be met if the Divorce Decree wasn’t just recently entered into (time has gone on).    In order to change the term or terms to a divorce decree, the petitioning party must show that a substantial and material change in circumstances has occurred since the time the decre

Things That Every Person Going Through a Divorce Wants to Hear

  Advice from our Provo Divorce Lawyers Sometimes a divorce can end up being the biggest blessing in disguise. However, the end result doesn’t make the journey any easier. It can be hard for friends or family to know what to say in these situations. It is never easy to come up with the right words, especially when you have never been through the situation yourself.   The following is a list of things you can say to your friend that’s going through a divorce to let them know you care.   I’ve got your back. One of THE most important things you can do to help your friend is to reassure them that no matter what, you’re on their side. What do you need? Going through a divorce can be o

Keeping Your Home Through a Bankruptcy

I am often asked the following question by clients filing bankruptcy; “If I file a chapter 7 bankruptcy can I keep my home?”  The answer depends on the response to two questions; (1) is your mortgage current and (2) how much equity exists in your home.  If your mortgage is current then you are not at risk of losing your home to the mortgage holder through a default and foreclosure process.  If you have less than the allowed amount (i.e., your equity is less than the amount that can be exempted in a bankruptcy) of equity in a chapter 7 bankruptcy then you are not at risk of the bankruptcy court taking your home.  So if the client responds with, “I am current on my mortgage and I do

Judge vs. Commissioner in a Divorce

A lot of clients ask me what the difference between and commissioner and a judge is in a divorce proceeding.  The answer is very simple; a judge typically does not see the parties in a divorce until they are at a final proceeding or a trial. Judges have the power and authority to enter orders that are permanent in nature.  Commissioners, on the other hand, deal with the parties before the parties present their arguments before a judge.  Commissioners hear arguments on different issues and then enter orders that are temporary in nature.  Commissioners have power and authority to enter orders but their orders remain in place only until the parties agree otherwise or until a judge enters a

Alimony After Divorce

Next to child custody, alimony is the most hotly contested issue within a divorce. Child support is paid for the benefit of the children, while divorce alimony is paid for the benefit of the ex-spouse (no wonder it is highly contested, who wants to give their ex-spouse money?). Calculating child support in Utah is easy, both parties verify their incomes to the court through pay stubs and tax returns and then those verified numbers are plugged into a calculator. The calculator tells the obligated party exactly how much he/she has to pay in child support each month. Alimony payments, on the other hand, are not that clear cut! Alimony in Utah is very subjective, there is not a calculator or oth